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How do I submit a business plan to Avalanche Partners for consideration?

Avalanche Resources receives many business plans.  In order to give each prospect a fair review we ask that organizations first submit an Executive Summary for initial review.  If we feel that there is a fit, we will ask for a full business plan.  We recommend that you review our investment criteria before submitting an executive summary.

To submit an executive summary, please email it to or mail it to the address on our contact page.

How long does it take to get funding?

Each investment has its own timeline.  While Avalanche Resources is equipped to advance an investment very quickly, we evaluate each investment opportunity very comprehensively.  Organizations that are better prepared for funding realize faster investment decisions.

What control does Avalanche Resources require to make an investment? 

Every investment is unique with respect to valuation, investment amount and percentage of ownership and control.  Higher risk investments typically carry greater requirements for control.

What makes Avalanche Resources unique?

Avalanche Resources is structured to have greater flexibility in structuring investments.  We can make smaller investments than most venture capital companies.  This allows younger, lower- valued companies to tap into a more professional funding alternative than typically available.  Avalanche Resources can become an alternative to angel investors and can attract other institutional investors in some situations, which can create greater synergy between the organization and its funding source.

What's the first step in attracting Avalanche Resources to my organization?

We recommend reviewing our investment criteria first.  If you believe that your organization meets our criteria, then we invite you to submit an executive summary to

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