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Review the diverse investments below
Avalanche Resources has active investments in the following organizations.

Global Photonic Energy Corp.

Global Photonic Energy Corporation, Inc. (GPEC) is a renewable energy technology development company.  GPEC is harnessing photonic energy (sunlight) using small-molecule organic materials to produce electricity and hydrogen - or - "Photo Fuel™".

Global Photonics is focused on advanced technologies that enable:

  • The cost efficient harvesting of photonic energy.  A cost efficient and
  • Environmentally benign method of producing hydrogen or Photo Fuel™.

Interactive Financial Corp.

Interactive Financial Corp. is a mortgage company based in Troy, MI licensed in thirteen states and is pursuing ubiquitous licensing across the United States.  IFC has a long history of success in the mortgage industry, first as an individual mortgage office and currently as a successful multi-branch mortgage company with operations in several states.  Today IFC is in high growth mode - introducing its new Equity Sharing Incentive program.  Visit IFC's website at

Sawtooth, Inc.

Sawtooth, Inc., based in Houston, Texas is an independent energy exploration and production company.  Sawtooth is actively producing oil and gas from its properties and acquiring other production operations or prospects.  The Company also seeks merger or acquisition possibilities to build a larger scale, efficient operation, increasing profits for all.

Universal Display Corp. (NASDAQ: PANL)

Universal Display Corporation is a world leader in the development of innovative organic light emitting device (OLED) technology for use in flat panel displays, lighting and other opto-electronic applications. Since our founding in 1994, Universal Display Corporation’s mission has been to provide state-of-the-art OLED technology and services to OLED manufacturers to enhance their products’ features and competitive advantage.

ZEQ Manufacturing, LLC

ZEQ Manufacturing produces a variety of structural composite products from recycled plastics and rubbers.  The Company's initial product line services the transportation industry with subsequent products targeting the OEM, furniture manufacturing and residential building products.

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