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What we look for

The path to a successful investment
In evaluating an investment opportunity, Avalanche Resources looks for the following factors: 

Experienced Management Team

We look for experienced leaders with a record of success.  We seek an existing management team with the vision, passion and skills to launch a large-scale company.  Finally, the company's leaders must implement a teamwork approach to building the organization.

Risk is inherent in working with emerging organizations, but experienced leaders deliberately manage risk to optimize results.

Competitive Advantage

There must be a clear competitive advantage for the products and/or services offered by the organization.  Each prospect company must demonstrate a distinct competitive advantage that sets the organization apart from its competitors.  We look at customer buying patterns, substitutes, the competitive landscape, and barriers to competition among other competitive advantage factors.

Attractive Marketplace

We are looking for attractive market trends for the organization's products and/or services that are clearly illustrated.  Furthermore, we're looking for a comprehensive market penetration strategy.  Consistency between market strategy and competitive advantage is a must.

Clear Value Proposition for Customers

Today's consumers have many options for virtually everything.  We are looking for organizations that offer a clear value proposition for their customers.  The organization must have a clear, concise strategy for delivering the organization's value proposition to its consumers. 

Strong Financial Management

Strong financial management is essential to optimize the return on investment.  We place higher value on organizations with appropriate debt ratios and organizations that have controlled their burn rates.  Strong balance sheets are highly regarded and a record of converting invested capital to shareholders' equity is a must.

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